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To purchase Chant Unchant, please send a request along with your mailing address to: johnecitrone@gmail.com. Then send a PayPal payment of $10 (make sure to send to “friend” to avoid a fee) to the same email. Your copy will be send out immediately upon receipt of payment.

If you order more than one copy, please include $1 per two CDs up to 6. Any order over six CDs means free postage. (Who the hell is going to buy six of these things?) Free stickers will be included in the big orders. And some left-over candy from Halloween, too.

If you are interested in other Dovetonsil releases (Mushrooms & Bugshoes or Gobbledygook), please specify that in your email. Those CDs are $5 apiece. Please email me with any questions.

To purchase individual tracks, search Dovetonsil at cdbaby.com.


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  1. what if I order 7 units between the hours of 10:30 and 11:00 pm eastern standard time. On a leap year the Saturday following good Friday?
    Just give me the fucking thing! I’ll pay you twice what it costs when I see you

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