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that work has officially begun on three new Dovetonsil records, and construction has begun on a new Dovetonsil lineup for live performances. The albums concepts are listed below. As for the live band, we will start small, as a trio (for select performances in the early fall) and then add members for the full ensemble for future dates. I am pretty excited about this as Dovetonsil has not performed live in a very long time. Here is info on the upcoming albums …

1. It Eats the Light: A Celebration of Darkness

This is a concept album largely comprising abstract music (with a few “songs” tossed in) celebrating darkness. Too often darkness gets a bad rap, as a metaphor for negativity, evil and wickedness. It’s not. It’s just the absence of light. But like the light, without darkness, we would all perish. Time to give darkness its due. 13 pieces of pure dark.

2. An untitled children’s album.

I have been hearing from people for years that I should put together a kids album, and so it begins. This album will incorporate a few songs from past Dovetonsil albums rebuilt with kids in mind, the old classic “Revenge of the Uke Eater” and several new originals. I may hire Fiona Kohl to engineer.


3. An album of surf music.

I have been talking about this one for some time, too, and hope to release 8-10 surf and rockabilly tunes by the end of the year. I hope to bring in some notable locals to help out with this project. (For the record, I suck at surfing, but I adore surf music.)

If you haven’t gotten a copy of the latest release, Chant Unchant, email me at johnecitrone@gmail.com, download it at CDbaby or purchase it at Carl Kingdom.

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