Dovetonsil - Press Shot

Dovetonsil is the code name for any original music that I write and produce for my own personal amusement. The distinction here is that any original music I write for hire — commercials, film soundtracks, musicals, singing penguins — falls into the John E. Citrone category.

The “band,” as it were, has been around since the early 1990s, undergoing many lineup changes over the passing decades. I once kept track of how many Phases the band went through, but that seemed a fruitless exercise as bands started to blend together. Someday I’ll put together a timeline, mainly to give much deserved credit to those players who dedicated themselves to my music for little pay and even less gratitude.

“Chant Unchant” marks the third Dovetonsil release. The debut album, a messy pseudo-musical, called “Mushrooms and Bugshoes,” was released in 1993. That was followed 10 years later by “Gobbledygook,” an even messier collection of weirdness. Now we have the “Chant Unchant” collection. This release marks what I hope will be a more prolific period for me, as it was recorded in my home studio, which makes the process of writing and recording so much easier. No more preparing an album’s worth of material, hiring a studio on a budget and hoping something close to what was originally intended comes out in the end.

Now it’s just a matter of getting out to the studio and pressing The Little Red Button.